Virtual Assistant Services for Small Businesses

Simple, Powerful, Business Support

There’s nothing wrong doing your own admin and business tasks. After all, it’s one way to really know what’s happening in your business. But if you want your business to grow, you can’t do it all on your own. This is where a virtual assistant services company can provide a big helping hand for small businesses.

With Core PA Services, you can delegate the recurring admin tasks that take up most of your time, allowing you to focus clearly on your business without distractions.

Do It Yourself

Spend more time on admin, less on driving sales

Use time in evenings and weekends ‘catching up’

Missed deadlines and opportunities

Struggle to juggle all the demands of your business

Do It With
Core PA Services

Increased focus on client needs
More time to develop products and services
Streamlined admin processes
Flexibility to match the ebb and flow of your business

Virtual Assistant Services

Our range of Virtual Assistant services for Small Businesses include:

  • Admin Support
  • Minute Taking
  • Lifestyle Management
  • Travel Coordination
  • Event Administration
  • NED Portfolio Builder

We go into more detail about each service below:

Admin Support

Reclaim Your Time

Do you have one or two tasks that really get in your way every week, but thought it’s not enough to employ someone for?

If we could handle these for you, would that allow you to focus on the much bigger things in your business?

Here are just some of the tasks we can handle and take the weight off your shoulders:

    • Email Management
    • Diary Management
    • Arrange Meetings
    • On-board Clients
    • Invoice Clients (and nudge late payments)
    • Draft and format correspondence
    • Create, edit and format documents
    • Type up notes
    • Transcription
    • Proof-reading
    • Ad-hoc Administrative Tasks
    • And many other tasks

This list is not exhaustive. If you have something else you’d like to delegate, contact us and let’s find out if we could help.

Minute TakinG

Anyone running a business meeting, e.g., a business owner, CEO or Chairperson, will want the outcomes to be constructive and effective. This requires the key points discussed to be recorded so everyone is clear about what was agreed, long after the meeting has finished.

Taking the minutes at business meetings is important for many reasons, these include:

    • Meeting Minutes can be a legal requirement
    • They’re a record of the main points discussed
    • Taking the Minutes provides a record of all decisions taken and the discussions that led to those decisions
    • Meeting Minutes state all actions agreed and who is responsible for each action
    • They enable a business to measure progress and ensure accountability
    • Visibly displaying the Minutes helps keep employees informed of discussions and decisions within the business
    • Minutes may be required in a legal dispute or could provide legal protection

It goes without saying that minutes should be to the point and unambiguous.

They’re often taken by someone actively participating in the meeting, which may be fine for smaller informal meetings.

However, taking minutes accurately really requires full concentration. For important meetings you don’t want errors creeping in. From our experience, a competent person solely taking the minutes is highly recommended.

As part of our virtual assistant services, we can provide that service for you, remotely or in person.

For over 25 years’ we have been taking minutes, including at Group Executive Board and Online Strategy Board meetings, both lasting in excess of 4 hours.

If you want expert help for your meeting minutes, either on-site or off-site, send us a message and let’s have a chat.

Lifestyle Management

Did you know, as well as carrying out a whole range of admin support work, a Virtual Assistant (VA) can also help with the equally important and time-consuming personal tasks?

A VA can:

    • Research the market for annual renewals, e.g. insurance and utility contracts
    • Set up home filing systems
    • Research and source gifts for birthdays, anniversaries etc.
    • Manage contractors and suppliers
    • Plus a whole lot more…

A VA providing ‘Lifestyle Management’ can help in two ways:

    1. As with business tasks, looking after some of your personal tasks keeps your mind clear to focus on your client facing work
    2. Frees up more of your personal time, allowing you to truly relax with family and friends

Virtual Assistant services for small businesses doesn’t need to stop at the office door… VA support can save you time in your home life as well.

Travel Coordination

Is your business travel increasing again?

Despite the fact Zoom meetings are now here to stay, we’re seeing business travel coming back.

If you’re traveling to meetings again, are you booking your own flights, or rail tickets and hotel rooms?

And if you are, you know this takes up valuable time, as well as arranging car hire, booking restaurant tables for clients etc. It’s time you’d rather spend on the key actions that move your business forward.

This is where our Virtual Assistant services can help. We can:

    • Find the most convenient flights for you
    • Search flights for colleagues travelling from a different airport, or country
    • Research hotels that match your criteria, including location, facilities and rates
    • Book both flights and hotels
    • Research additional transport, such as airport transfers, car hire, taxi or other public transport
    • Confirm the latest Covid-19 news for the country you’re visiting
    • Check if you need a visa. If so does your passport have two clear pages for the visa and is it valid for 6 months from date of travel?
    • Check your passport is valid following Brexit

Without these distractions, you can focus on preparing for your business meetings, rather than rushing the prep the night before traveling.

To discuss how this could work for you, send us a message and let’s have a chat.  

Event Administration

Are you looking at organising an event or off-site meeting? Maybe a dinner for a large group of clients?

Does the thought of the number of hours you know it’s going to take send shivers down your spine?

Relax… help is just a phone call away (or Zoom call, Teams meeting etc)!

If help with any of the following would save you valuable time…

  • Sourcing the venue
  • Staff hire where appropriate
  • Ongoing liaison with the venue
  • Save the date and invitation coordination
  • Communication and updates with all delegates
  • Distribution of delegate papers prior to the event
  • Collation of responses and follow up after the event

… then contact us to discuss what you’re looking for and how we could help. It’s something we’ve done many times before.

NED Portfolio Builder

Are you an experienced Non-Executive Director looking to expand your portfolio and have too many potential roles dropping into your inbox?


Are you a new, or aspiring, NED looking to gain your first appointment or to build your portfolio?

You probably don’t need us to tell you that there are many NEDs looking at the same positions you are. At the same time, there are plenty of opportunities out there, in fact one of our clients told us he received 82 potential roles in one week!

Even if you are getting far fewer responses than this, to check for one suitable role takes time. But can you imagine trawling through 82?

It would seriously impact your existing work if you had to check each option properly, meaning the likelihood of missing your ideal role is pretty high.

And this is before you start actually researching the roles you are particularly interested in.

Within our portfolio of Virtual Assistant services for small businesses, our NED Portfolio Builder is a service designed to take the ‘hard yards’ out of sifting through the myriad of roles out there and presenting you a concise summary of those that match your ideal criteria.

How can we help you find your next NED role?

Having a solid knowledge of our client’s criteria, we sift out all those roles that are obviously not suitable and add them to a report with a short sentence explaining this decision.

We then create a “maybe” pile. This is where the role doesn’t strictly adhere to the criteria but there is a specific reason it might be of interest to our client.

We will highlight these with the reasoning behind it and ask if our client wants a report.

Now we are then left with the roles that we think our client might be interested in applying for. These are added to the report with a quick explanation of our decision.

If our client agrees, we will produce a full report on each role and the company. This will include high level financials, news, PR, any litigation etc. We also detail previous NEDs and whether there is a set tenure for the role, e.g. 3 years.

If this is a service you may be interested in, please get in touch.

We will be more than happy to answer your questions and provide you with a draft sample report.