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Do You Want To Increase Your Productivity?

Start working on intimidating tasks in small time intervals (the “five-minute rule”). It’s hard to start tasks and much easier to keep momentum going. Many people find it easier to commit to spending just five minutes on a task. After completing those five minutes, you’ll be much more motivated to continue working on it.“

Source: 100 Simple Secrets of Productive People

There are many ways to go about being highly productive and achieving success, and as everyone works differently, it’s never a one-size-fits-all approach. published an article, ‘100 Simple Secrets of Productive People,’ outlining easy to implement ideas and tips we can all use to increase our efficiency. These 100 ideas cover six important aspects of running a business:

    1. Goals, Priorities and Time Scheduling
    2. Health and Energy
    3. Psychological Hacks
    4. Mastering the Art of Timing
    5. Saving Time on Common Tasks
    6. Know Thyself

Of course there are some obvious ones, such as:

    • Make a to-do list the night before
    • Do little tasks immediately
    • Turn off notifications

But the list also includes some really powerful ideas, some of which you will have heard before but maybe never ‘got round’ to making them a habit. These include:

    • Learn to say “no” more often to requests for your time, using your time and energy for the things that are most important to your business.
    • Using time blocking as an effective way to manage time properly, making important tasks a priority over daily interruptions.
    • The Eisenhower matrix, which research has found to be one of the most effective time management methods.
Eisenhower Matrix


There are also some more left-field suggestions, which include:

  1. Knowing when to procrastinate
  2. Making decisions faster
  3. Think about outcomes instead of effort
  4. Taking a break in the middle of something – not at the end
  5. Experiment with new approaches


Just by making a handful of these ideas a new habit can go a long way to helping you become more productive, ultimately leading to the success you desire.


You can read the full article by clicking here.

Allen Wooding

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